North Midlands Championships

North Midlands Championships 10th July 2022

Come along and be part of the North Midlands Championships. See what you are able to achieve with all the training and knowledge that you have gained in your classes/sessions with us.

North Midlands Championships 2022
Nottingham Wildcats Arena
Greenwood Road

Doors open 9 am, for a 9.30 am

Categories are as follows:

Adults: Male and female separate

Children (under 16’s): Male and female separate. (Please note there is NO CADETS category).

Executive: Male and female separate. (Black Belts only).

All sparring point stop: Yellow (including yellow stripe), Green, Blue, Red and Black belt. Belt divisions are by belt colour (e.g. green belt includes blue stripe).


Tiny Tots (yellow & green belt only, minimum of 4) Up to 122cm
Pee Wee: up to 137cm
Lightweight: Ladies, up to 55kg, Male, up to 67kg, Children, up to 152cm
MiddleWeight: Ladies, up to 60kg, Male, up to 77kg, Children, up to 168cm
Heavyweight: Ladies, over 60kg, Male, over 77kg, Children, over 168cm


Yellow belt: Chon-Ji, Dan-Gun, Do San
Green belt: Do-San, Won-Hyo, Yul Gok
Blue belt: Yul-Guk, Joong-Gun, Toi Gye
Red belt: Toi-Gye, Hwa-Rang, Chung Moo
Black belt: Adults any Black Belt pattern (including Chung Moo). Juniors any Black Belt pattern for their next grading


Men – Hand, Choice (including elbow on black boards) Foot, Choice
Ladies – Hand, Choice (including elbow on black boards) Foot, Choice

Executive Pattern & Sparring Knock-out (students entering this event can also pay & enter other black belt events).

Ultimate Striker

Flying Side Kick & Speed Kicking (junior events only)

Tag Team Sparring & Team Patterns (can only be entered & paid for ON THE DAY).

Click on the link here to view the competition pack: North Mids Instructor Pack 2022