Adults & Teenagers

The exercises are designed to help our bodies become stronger.
Exercise and activity are essential for us all to have healthy lifestyles. A
lack of exercise can lead to a number of health conditions, Keeping active will help to maintain physical health and can also
help to cope with stress – especially important in today’s busy world!

We aim to make exercise fun, to keep everyone active and fit whilst learning practical self-defense and becoming healthier at the same time, but the benefits of Tae Kwon Do are not just physical!

Tae Kwon Do for Children emphasizes our Tenants:

Indomitable Spirit

Children and adults are taught these and explained the meanings and the importance of considering them in all they do. They are behavioral goals that aid Taekwondo instructors and parents in solidifying core values that help young people be and do their best. There is a great emphasis on politeness and respect for elders which is often lost in society today.