We hold a club grading every three months where you are able to progress to the next belt level. 

The next club grading will be held on Monday 29th April 2024, at Thrapston Plaza. Students must arrive in their TAGB Doboks (white Suits).

A license costs £40 for 12 months and you can do four gradings normally in the first year. Please complete a Licence Application Form, there is an option to download this as a pdf below, or we can provide you with a hardcopy to complete – please just ask us for this Licence application form.

Each grading is £35 (inclusive of the session before). We also require 3 passport-size photos to be included with your first License Application Form. Please return your License Application Form, and photos (so we can identify you quickly at the terminology and top table), plus monies must be paid online, all to us no later than ONE week before the grading.

A White Dobok suit must be worn for grading – you can order your Dobok suit now for £38 for sizes 2 and below, and £40 for sizes 3 and above. There are a limited number of suits that we can lend out for your first grading. You can pay in installments prior to the grading and sparring equipment if you need, to help spread the cost. Please ask us about the lending of suits – we are happy to help where we can.

We encourage you to keep training when you have an upcoming grading, it builds confidence, and personal self-esteem and can give a fantastic sense of achievement.

Keep track of all your payments, bookings, and grading information via our ClubManager/ClubLink App!
Download the ClubLink App to access your profile via the below photo link here:

Download ClubManager App here

Download our ClubLink App by clicking on the above picture link.


Click on this belt picture link, to book/ purchase your Grading.


Pattern Videos

Colour belt pattern videos are available under the grading belt section below.


Below are the grading sheets with all the information you will need

Please print off the applicable sheet, and view the video, for your next pattern from the downloadable links.

You are Current Belt Next Belt Download
10th Kup White 10th Kup grading sheet 2022

Saju-Jirugi-1&2 Video

Saju-Jirugi-3&4 Video

9th Kup White + Yellow Stripe 9th Kup grading sheet 2022

Chon Ji Tul Video

8th Kup Yellow 8th Kup grading sheet 2022

Dan Gun Tul Video

7th Kup Yellow + Green Stripe 7th Kup grading sheet 2022

Do-San Tul Video

6th Kup Green 6th Kup grading sheet 2022

Won-Hyo Tul Video

5th Kup Green + Blue Stripe 5th Kup grading sheet 2022

Yul-Gok-Tul Video

4th Kup Blue 4th Kup grading sheet 2022

Joon-Gun Tul Video

3rd Kup Blue + Red Stripe 3rd Kup grading sheet 2022

Toi-Gye Tul Video

2nd Kup Red 2nd Kup grading sheet 2022

Hwa Rang Video

1st Kup Red + Black Stripe 1st Kup grading sheet 2022
Black Belt Star Grading Star Grading Information (pdf)


Next Black Belt Grading Opportunity – 19th to 21st April 2024

TAGB Black Belt Grading, 19th to 21st April – Helidon Lakes Hotel, Worcester